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When clients Ben and Kimberley Peacock approached WISH back in 2011, they were incredibly enthusiastic about paving ways towards change in their brand and general aesthetics at their New York Winery.  At that time this fledgling winery was experiencing early success that they were having a hard time keeping up with.  I remember Ben telling me (with big smirk) that other big wineries found them rather “annoying”.  Well, since the Fall of 2011 they have annoyed the heavy hitters with their success quite well, and it is not stopping there.  WISH has partnered with these young entrepreneurs in many facets, but this particular blog is about the very base level.  If you do business with the public out of a building, the building must be attractive.  This is just common sense…

tousey b +a

This particular structure is a farm building structure, almost entirely made up of metal siding.  the second floor houses apartments, and the rear of the ground floor is the heart of the winery (as in where the wine is produced) as well as founder Ray Tousey’s production hub for products from his bees including honey, candles, and soaps.  This unusual combination represented challenges in terms of creating an exterior which was attractive to customers while not being too disruptive to tenants and neighbors in this small community in the Hudson Valley of New York.  The resolve ended up being a welcoming creme color to replace the buildings former bright white exterior.  the former blue roof would be painted the same, but a brilliant deep orange stripe would be the visual punch.  This very orange is the color which unites the existing Tousey Wines with the growing selection of Scarlet Tiger wines with labels and accompanying artwork designed by WISH.tousey b+a2

The results were very well received, especially by those who knew the structure as “the blue roof building” for most of their lives.  Client reception has been the like, and even the business cards have been designed with the same like branding of this creme and orange which now represents Tousey Winery (Home of Scarlet Tiger).  If you are vacationing of simply traveling through the Hudson Valley, this winery is well worth the stop.  Please visit their website for hours both at their tasting room and local farm markets.  They are a wonderful family business and great friends. Remember to support small business and BUY LOCAL.photo



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