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On Sunday April 14th, Wish embarked on a mission to have art objects adopted at a Philadelphia Art and Antiques market (better known as The Clover Market).  It was family venture and fun was had by all.  Wish was accepted into this juried market, of which the Kanienberg family had been patrons of for several seasons.  Being on the other end of things among the vendors was equally a pleasure.  Most businesses have been vendors there for years, and appeared to have neighborly relationships with each other like “locals” despite the sprawling metropolis of Philly being ranked amongst the 10 largest in the US.  There was even a reconnection amongst old work mates between Kanienberg and Darren Hengst, co-founder of Green Pad Living, who’s business is growing wildly and has products featured in an array of Whole Foods stores.IMG_5114

Several items and art objects were resurrected from past ventures in galleries and boutique markets, but several items were fabricated specially for what will turn into a regular extension of the Wish brand – hand made and unique art objects available within both local markets and in the online store which is to debut in the coming days. Many of these works are created in “runs” which are signed and numbered not unlike art prints.  Several steel table-top sculptures have also been recently fabricated and are gathering good responses from clients and customers.


As for the immediate schedule of local markets, Wish is participating in The Bellefonte Arts Festival in Bellefonte, DE on May 18th, and again at the Clover Market in Ardmore, PA on June 9th.  Please stop out and support both local businesses and us people who make a living from being creative.  Back to the workshop…

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