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“The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail”

Edwin H. Land

Wish Painting + Sculpture was conceived by Christian Kanienberg in 1996. The business started in Cincinnati, OH and began as part-time means to supplement the ambitions of an art college graduate. Kanienberg earned a BFA from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning. Early beginnings were promising, though Kanienberg took a year to explore his pursuits in Chicago, while working as a project manager and sculptor for Skyline Design, a large art service. Skyline Design opened his eyes further to a host of different mediums and approaches used for installations, from casinos to aquariums.

His strong relationship with clients, problem-solving abilities, and varied skill sets gave him the tools to eventually turn Wish into a full-time East Coast operation. Wish boasts a long list of satisfied residential and commercial clients. Kanienberg has completed murals in areas all along the East Coast, and his business has been the subject for a great deal of public and industry press. Wish now has a network of talented artists and subcontractors, but does not tire in fulfilling visions for the small jobs that allowed his business to grow.  In 2012 “Design” was formally added to the service end of the Wish Brand.  In 2013 The Wish Unlimited, LLC Family expanded into a marketing entity to accompany the widely known service business.   We look forward to more growth and expansion with each incredible year of growth.