“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”


Your brand is the like the shortest story one will ever read.  It is the absolute first impression.  Cohesion is key to keeping your brand seamlessly present within products and marketing materials, but it is with a creative mind that colors and textures can do as good a job as any font or shape.

A high end service cannot run their business on a cheap looking logo, nor can a restaurant convey confidence if it is trying to feel just like “the other”.  Good branding is an acquired street smart, but more and more successful branding is tiptoeing towards guerrilla marketing, which is art.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Sound design is the basis for everything.  A beautifully painted mural is only as good as the overall design, just an exquisitely crafted chair depends on comfort and perhaps height in relation to a table.  Working commercially within design means that form and function come as equals, though superior design causes no pause to consider function.

Beautiful ideas start in everyones minds, but in order to communicate a visual, one either needs a designer or artist to serve as a liaison between spoken words and visuals.  Whether you are freely sketching with a borrowed pen on a napkin, or being paid well to use a stylus on a high end tablet, the act is the same.

“Good painting is the kind that looks like sculpture.”


Like traditional drawing, you are either given the gift to be able to paint, or you are not (and you excel at something else).  After you paint long enough you may start to notice your own personal style.  A good commercial artist can duplicate a range of personal styles in order to reinforce a brand.

The mural portfolio is the most expansive within the WISH body of works.  We have  painted everything from dog and horse portraits to photorealistic floor-to-ceiling murals for GE.  Our works for the Roxbury Motel have been a part of episodes on HGTV and Animal Planet.  Landscapes, Spacescapes, Seascapes… Dinosaurs, Giant Poppies, Giant Squid!   If you can think of it, we can paint it.

“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.”

Nolan Bushnell

The design and fabrication of an exhibit is single handedly the most exhaustive and rewarding of offered services.  It relies on all wheelhouses working together to assemble their absolute best and most coordinated of efforts, to embody the brand or cause being showcased.

Wish boasts big awards for exhibits that have debuted all across the US including Philadelphia, New Orleans, and New York.  From ribbon cuttings with US Senators to an unofficial sign-off from director Tim Burton himself, the exhibit design service has been a colorful one.

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass thru a creative mind.”

Louise Nevelson

Sculpture is often perceived as both classical busts in a chic NY museum, or the misunderstood mishmash of red I-beams at the entry plaza of a corporate giant.  In reality, sculpture is much more accessible, and is readily everywhere.  The idea of sculpture being an adjective, rather than a noun makes it so much more digestible.

The term “sculptural” can be used for anything that is tailored to be 3-dimensional, whether an accent wall made up of wood objects all painted the same color, or a piece of furniture made out of welded hand-saws.  This is where WISH lives.  Rusty metal, found objects, unconventional approaches…

WISH ORIGINSAbout Wish Painting

WISH is currently made up of two businesses formed in Delaware as LLC’s.  The service business is the “big brother” which has been working with homeowners and small businesses all over the US since 1999.  The “little sister” is our retail end of WISH, comprised of handmade, up cycled art, furniture, and antiques.  WISH Creatives was launched in 2013.


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